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Hi! I am Katia KITA

Hey there! I am super excited to meet you! As a certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor, I have been training clients locally, in San Jose, CA for years. Having seen their amazing transformations, sustainable results and excellent feedback, I realized something was missing…. Accessibility!

Hi! I am Katia KITA

I wanted to be accessible for everyone across the globe and not just in San Jose. One should not be limited to a geo location to transform their body. So I created the revolutionary fitness program to help you lose stubborn weight, burn belly fat, gain lean muscle and eat tasty! Anything I do in this life has a “magic kick” effect to it, so expect no less here! You will get that missing kick to transform your body and finally live the life you wanted free of unwanted weight!

Hi! I am Katia KITA

Welcome to Get.Reinvented™! Let me change your perspective on dieting and working out. Think of an all inclusive well-balanced nutrition plan that takes care of your cravings and ensures daily calorie intake! Now think of a workout that is suited for total body and is FUN at the same time! Add the house music to the mix and enjoy! Let me teach you work out with a smile and eat with a taste!

Meet the get.reinvented crew

Maria Sotnikova - get reinvented online fitness program

Maria Sotnikova

Maria Sotnikova is a professional dancer and choreographer. For 15 years, she danced with KAURI, a contemporary dance company based in her hometown of Vladivostok. During her time with KAURI, Mariia became a staff teacher at their school for both adults and children, teaching contemporary, jazz and contact improvisation. Mariia was honored with an International Choreographer Residency from American Dance Festival (ADF), where she danced for ADF’s William Forsythe Project. Mariia currently performs with Palanza Dance Company and Kinetech Arts and with various artists throughout Bay Area. She is also a founding member and choreographer of TILTshift Dance Theater.

Anthony Finley

Anthony is a former football and track athlete who found is calling in the theater world, mainly dance! He has performed all around the Bay Area and got his Bachelor of Arts in dance from Sonoma State University. Now as a Personal Trainer he combines his background in fitness and dance to help others achieve their goals!

"I got into the fitness field because I love watching people achieve what they had labeled impossible for themselves. The word itself says I'm Possible after all.

Anthony Finley - get reinvented online fitness program
Maya Eoff - get reinvented online fitness program

Maya Eoff

Maya Eoff defines herself as an opportunist when it comes to staying active and healthy. She attributes her drive for active lifestyle to 7 years of dancing during school years. Dancing has become a part of her life, so as need in exercise. Maya loves trying new activities and to date has put dancing, fitness training, hiit training, snowboarding, rock climbing, windsurfing and surfing on her list of favorite body sculpting and adrenaline generating ventures. Her goal is to get better at each one of them, keep expanding that list and share her passion and knowledge with people around her

Konstantin Lee

Konstantin Lisovski (Lee) has a professional career in a different field, however over 25 years he has been living a healthy lifestyle and loves sport! Konstantin prefers bicycle as the main transportation in the city, plays tennis in his free time and studies theatrical performance. After a serious crash on a bike he had to undergo a serious rehab. The best results were achieved through just two weeks of filming Get.Reinvented trainings that were created by Katia KITA. It made his life so much brighter and diversified!

Konstantin Lee - get reinvented online fitness program
Sabrina Ozuna - get reinvented online fitness program

Sabrina Ozuna

Sabrina Ozuna has many passions and fitness is one of them. She has been in the group exercise fitness industry for over 5 years. Her passion of helping people achieve their fitness goals and taking them to new levels they never knew they could reach. She enjoys creating different cardio and martial arts routines for students across many technical companies in the Bay Area.

Iryna Grygorenko

Iryna's master's degree in education and passion for yoga have lead her to become certified kids yoga instructor by Radiant Kids Yoga and eventually she decided to complete additional 200hrs yoga certification from LifeTime Fitness. Her classes are always fun, creative and playful.

Iryna Grygorenko - get reinvented online fitness program