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Get.Reinvented Club Member Referral Program

Sharing is Caring!

Get your entire Get.Reinvented Combo FREE!

As a member you have an option to get your money back and here is how:

  • Refer 3 of your friends to sign up for Get.Reinvented Program within 60 days since you purchased the program.

  • Once any of them sign up -> You will receive points and will be able to see how far are you from your FREE program. Just check your personal cabinet/Referrals.

  • Once 3 of your friends signed up and purchased the program you will get your money back! Please note they must sign up and buy the program within 60 days after you made your purchase.

It is easy! It is fun! And you will be able to workout with your friends and maybe have a bit of a competition. Join the referral program and ENJOY!