What Are The Bad Parts Of Maryland?

Is Maryland a good state to move to?

Home to The Johns Hopkins University, Port of Baltimore and one of the lowest poverty rates in the country, Maryland is among the most densely populated states in the nation.

Frederick, Easton, Rockville and Baltimore are among the best places to live in Maryland..

Where should you not live in Maryland?

1. Elkton. According to Road Snacks, Elkton is the worst place to live in Maryland, and there are several reasons that it ranks in the top position. First, it is the second most dangerous place to live in Maryland, as it has the second-highest property crime rates and the fourth-most violent crimes in the state.

What part of Baltimore is bad?

The neighborhoods that have been instrumental in spiking the Baltimore crime rate include Edmondson Village, in the southwest part of town, as well as Fairfield, the Monument Street Area, Orangeville, Greenmount East, Berea, West Baltimore, Grove Park, Cherry Hill, Madison-Eastend, Greater Rosemont, and Hopkins-Middle …

What is the richest town in Maryland?

TravilahTravilah is a wealthy suburb situated some 15 miles up the Potomac River from downtown Washington D.C. With a median household income of $235,669 a year, Travilah is the wealthiest place with a population between 1,000 and 25,000 in both Maryland and the United States.

What is the most dangerous city in America?

Detroit, MichiganThe violent crime rate in Detroit, Michigan is 2,123 crimes per 100,000 people making it the most dangerous city in America.

How dangerous is Baltimore?

Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. is notorious for its significantly high crime rate, including a violent crime rate that ranks high above the national average. Violent crime spiked in 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, 2015, which touched off riots and an increase in murders.

What is the cheapest city to live in Maryland?

The Most Affordable Places To Live In MarylandRankCityPopulation1Brunswick6,2582Cumberland19,6503Hampstead6,3624Thurmont6,63831 more rows•Jan 9, 2021

What is the most dangerous place in Maryland?

Table 2: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in MarylandRankCityTotal Crime Rate Per 100,000 Inhabitants1Ocean City Previous rank: Not Ranked16,2952Elkton Previous rank: 17,8873Cumberland Previous rank: 46,9774Baltimore Previous rank: 56,5586 more rows

What is the safest city in Maryland?

Here are the 10 Safest Cities in Maryland for 2021Ocean Pines.Hampstead.Glenarden.Centreville.Mount Airy.Berlin.Thurmont.Taneytown.More items…•Mar 9, 2021

What is the number 1 school in Maryland?

Maryland High School RankingsSchoolRanking (2019 vs 2018)RankSchoolAverage Standard Score (2019)1Urbana High90.52Walt Whitman High89.13Glenelg High88.77 more rows•Sep 2, 2019

What city has the highest crime rate 2020?

Crime rates in the most dangerous metros2020 rankMetro areaProperty crime per 1,000National average22.01Anchorage, AK50.22Albuquerque, NM45.33Memphis, TN42.77 more rows•Aug 5, 2020

What are the best areas to live in Maryland?

15 Best Places to Live in MarylandColumbia. Source: Jon Bilous / shutterstock Columbia. … North Potomac. Source: sevenMaps7 / shutterstock North Potomac. … Bethesda. Source: Jon Bilous / shutterstock Bethesda. … Olney. Source: Farragutful / Wikimedia Olney. … Gaithersburg. … Urbana. … Travilah. … Rockville.More items…

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