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Get.Reinvented Trainings

Get.Reinvented Trainings


This effective high-intensity interval (HIIT) training is the best workout plan to help you lose weight fast, burn fat, and tone up your body. Whether you are in postpartum stage, trying to lose weight for a wedding or get into a habit of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercising - have an online personal trainer at your hand and wow everyone with a new body!

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*For optimal weight loss pair the trainings with my smart meal plan Eat.Reinvented. Check out my Get.Reinvented Combo that gives you all-inclusive access to both: meal plan and trainings.


Get.Reinvented Training Includes


  • Over 600 minutes of online video workouts in HD quality. - Train anywhere and on your time

  • Daily support and motivation in the closed Facebook Group (try and join now) hosted by Katia KITA. You will build new friendships and make new connections in this online community. Share your results and have others cheer for your success!


Why Get.Reinvented Training?


If you are a new mom, a veteran one, an empty nester,  or even don’t have kids this workout program will be your solution to fit into your busy schedule.  This training course is intended for 30 days.


  • no gym membership needed - work out on your time

  • No time wasting - in 40 minutes you are working on EVERY major muscle group!

  • No heavy equipment - just 2 dumbbells and a mat!

  • no need to think about exercises - video demo for EACH activity

  • no worry about your fitness level - modifications are demonstrated for EACH fitness level

  • no rush - progress on your time

  • no one size fits all - customize your fitness schedule based on your goals


*For optimum weight loss try my Get.Reinvented Combo


The training can be done from anywhere at any time. Just bring a workout buddy and your mobile device to the gym, connect to the wifi and hit PLAY! Connect your smart TV to the laptop and HIT PLAY to exercise within your home while that baby is asleep!


***This option is perfect if you are looking to lose weight fast and get long-lasting results!