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My smart and healthy nutrition plan allows you to mix and match the recipes and still follow the daily calorie intake guaranteed by the meal plan. You will never get tired of eating the same thing, aslarge variety of cuisines and recipe options account for your freedom of choices and tastes. The only nutrition plan that allows you to eat out and provides healthy take-out options from popular cafe chains across USA.

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Eat.Reinvented nutrition plan is customizable for 1500 calorie and 1800 calorie daily values.


*For optimal weight loss pair the meal plan with the Get.Reinvented trainings. Check out my Get.Reinvented Combo that gives you all-inclusive access to both: trainings and meal plan.


Eat.Reinvented Includes


  • Breakfast recipes

  • Lunch recipes

  • Dinner recipes

  • Smoothies Recipes

  • Snacks Options

  • Healthy Take-out options

  • No exclusions on macro nutrients

  • Daily support and motivation in the closed Facebook Group (try and join now) hosted by Katia KITA.


Why Eat.Reinvented Nutrition plan?  


The nutrition plan is "smart": not only you can pick and choose your favorite recipes to stay within your daily caloric intake, but you can now take advantage of healthy take-out options from your favorite cafe chains, such as Starbucks, Chipotle, etc.


Everything is easy and fast to cook and you can simply meal prep your recipes for the entire week in advance! You do NOT need to count the calories or portions - just use the recipes in the meal plan and we've got the calculations done for you! all the ingredients can be purchased at a regular grocery store without trouble!


Nutrition plan includes all macro nutrients and does not exclude fats or carbs! So indulge.... in a healthy way!


***This option is perfect for you if you already have a personal trainer who works on your fitness goals.