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high intensity interval training with Katia KITA


Welcome to Get Reinvented Club - where you will train with a smile and eat with a taste. Revolutionary combination of HIIT workouts and well-balanced meal plan will help you tone your body, burn fat, and feel amazing. Remember, you can work out on your schedule! I can’t wait to see your workout selfies on social media!

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the best fat burning workout


Whether you are an on-the-go career addict, bad-ass mom, new to fitness rookie, limited on time commuter, or a student, rest assured this program is for you! Easy to follow HIIT workouts will speed up your metabolism, burn fat, and build lean muscle. You will be able to see the tangibel results and within 30 days. But I need your commitment for these 30 days!

Each training is 40 minutes and includes warmup, main HIIT section, abs and cooldown. Work out at home, at the gym or anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet access from any device. Pick any time of the day that fits your schedule!

Minimum equipment is required: just 2 weights and a mat. You can do exercises without the weights to suit your fitness level. All fitness levels are welcome and low impact modifications are showcased in each video.

All videos are streamed in premium HD quality with copyrighted music you never heard before! Just hit PLAY and get ready to sweat with me!

the best weight loss meal plan

Eat.Reinvented Nutrition Plan

No more calories, no more ingredients exceptions. Eat.Reinvented nutrition plan offers 2 options: 1,500 kcal and 1,800 kcal. Enjoy easy-to-make nutrient-dense recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks/smoothies and healthy takeout options. Just select the meals, smoothies and snacks you like, mix and match and your daily calorie intake is guaranteed!

Here is how it works: choose 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner from the menu and add snacks or smoothies to the daily regimen. You will be required to cook all the meals yourself. However, should you be always on the go and not have time to meal prep, we have healthy take out suggestions from popular cafe chains across USA. You can stay within the meal plan, continue to eat healthy and still maintain your job schedule!

The nutrition plan is all-inclusive, as it does not cut out carbs or fats.

Get Reinvented Community

Support group

We all need a little push sometimes to achieve the goals we set! Join my Get.Reinvented Club Facebook group where hundreds of men and women lose weight , get fit and healthy while on the program and after! This is how you will sustain the results you get! Enjoy daily support, motivation, fitness tips and close guidance from Katia.