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  • Why is there only a 1 month subscription for your program?

    You came here to get the results you have been wanting! I want you to get this long-lasting transformation. Therefore, you need to work hard in order to get the desired results. You will work harder if you know that you only have 30 days on the program vs 2-3 months. Let’s get you transformed and amazed!

  • How do I earn points to receive Get.Reinvented for free?

    Please visit http://get-reinvented.com/referral  to learn more about the referral system we have in place. In a nutshell, you have 60 days from the day you purchased the program to refer 3 of your friends who will purchase the program as well. If you do so, we will refund your money in full within 60 days. Ain’t it awesome??? The more, the merrier! You can track down your progress in a personal cabinet where you will see how close you are to getting the program for free!

  • What if I want to sign up for another month of Get.Reinvented?

    With pleasure! Since you are a returning customer you get to subscribe for all following months at 10$ off! Please visit my SHOP. I love having you onboard!

  • How do I get Eat.Reinvented recipe book as a hard copy?

    Please select Eat.Reinvented recipe book (hard copy) as a separate product in my SHOP and provide your shipping address upon checkout and the book will be sent to you! Turn it to your kitchen table book and have your family members pick their favorite recipes!

  • Is there any Refund Policy in case I want to get my money back?

    Yes, please refer to the full refund policy here.

  • What are the minimum technical requirements for this program to run smooth?

    Please note that the optimal requirements for the program to run are:

    Internet connection:

    • 10Mbps for low res
    • 18Mbps for mid res
    • 25Mbps for high res


    • Windows 10
    • Mac OS 10.11
    • iOS 9.0
    • Android 6.0


    • Chrome 42.0
    • Firefox 42
    • Safari 9


  • Can I split trainings in half but finish one training every day?

    Yes, you can. However, if you are choosing to split each training in half and work out in the morning and in the evening, make sure to warm up before and stretch (cooldown) after each half of the training.

  • Can I skip a training?

    Yes, you can. There is no #getreinvented police out there. However, the results are based on your exertion and commitment. In other words, the Reinventor who works out every day will have a much better outcome than a Reinventor who works out every other day. Will you have still a great result if you work out every other day and stay on Eat.Reinvented nutrition plan – yes! But the most optimal way to do it is to work out every day. But if you skipped one training, it is no biggie! Continue on with the next training in sequence as soon as you can.

  • Can I shuffle the order of the trainings?

    The trainings were put in this order on purpose as the intensity and the demand on the muscle groups in each trainings differ. Therefore, for the most optimal results I recommend sticking with the order of the videos that is in your personal cabinet.

  • There are 15 videos for 30 days. What do I do?

    You start with Training #1 and continue the trainings in the order they exist in your personal cabinet for 15 days. On day 16, you start from the beginning and play Training #1. Thus, each training will repeat twice in 30 days. You will notice way more endurance and strength going through the trainings second time around.

  • How can I help sore muscles?

    What you are experiencing is called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). It is totally normal and will get better as you progress and your muscles get stronger and adapt to the imposed demands. You can do the following in the meantime to help your muscles feel better:

    • Stretch using foam roller. Here is a video you can refer to. Take hot showers or soak in a hot bath.
    • If you are experiencing serious muscle burn during a certain exercise, hit “pause” and stretch this muscle before you proceed to the next exercise.
  • Can I work out with a partner?

    Yes, you can and I encourage you to! This creates more fun and extra accountability! However, this should be done on 1 device. We monitor IP addresses and allow only 1 IP address to use 1 account. Thus, sharing your credentials with friends so that they can work out is prohibited.

  • Can I work out if I am pregnant?

    No, it is not recommended unless the physician clears you to be on a high intensity strenuous program. Get.Reinvented is a high intensity strenuous workout program that is not suited for pregnant women due to vigorous cardio demand, jumps, abs exercises, etc. But you can definitely join #teamgetreinvented postpartum (once the doctor clears you to work out) and when you breastfeed.

  • What equipment is needed for the trainings?

    All you need is just a mat and a set of dumbbells or two. It is recommended using two various sets of free weights, so that you can challenge yourself during different exercises and progress gradually.

  • Can I do other formats and trainings and still #getreinvented?

    Of course, you can. However, I cannot know what results you will have. Get.Reinvented is specifically designed and paired with Eat.Rienvented nutrition plan for the most optimal results.

  • What happens to the trainings after 30 days?

    The account will stay open, but the access to the trainings will expire. If you want to continue the workouts and go for the second round, please purchase Get.Reinvented trainings in my SHOP. Since you are a returning customer you get to subscribe for all following months at 50% off! Let’s melt the last unwanted pounds!


  • Can I step away for the nutrition plan and do my own?

    No, you cannot. Since Eat.Reinvented nutrition plan was developed specifically to support the energy demand while you are on Get.Reinvented program, I cannot guarantee the results you will have or the energy supply you need to gain the results you came here for. Please stick to the provided meal plan. We have many options for you there! Grab a hard copy of the recipe book here. If you are on the go and did not have time to prep your meal, remember to refer to healthy take out options guide that I have for you. There are no excuses, just find a way!

  • Can I add/remove some ingredients for others in the plan?

    Please note that if you significantly modify the recipes and start substituting certain ingredients with your own, we cannot guarantee the daily calorie intake that is provided within Eat.Reinvented meal plan. Example: switching raspberries for an apple is doable, but substituting low-fat plain yogurt with sour cream is not something we can account for.

  • Can I drink coffee while I am on the program?

    Yes, you can. Try to stick to black coffee though with a little bit of 2% milk added, but no lattes or cappuccinos, as such coffee drinks have many extra calories we do not account for in Eat.Reinvented nutrition plan. Try to stick with just 1 cup in the morning and plenty of water during the day.

  • Can I drink wine while I am on the program?

    It is not recommended really. However, if you must have a glass while you are at a birthday party, please limit yourself to 5 ounces and stick with white wine (Chardonnay would be my choice or any other white wine that is less sweet and lower on calories). The idea is for you to have ENERGY to work out and alcohol is not the nutrient that will provide that for you. Plus, when you drink alcohol you end up munching on snacks.

  • What is the difference between 1500 calorie plan vs 1800 calorie plan?

    The only difference would be in the snacks and smoothies. We have snacks and smoothies that are 150 calorie each and snacks and smoothies that are 200 calorie each. Those on the 1500 calorie plan will be consuming 2x150 cal snacks per day (and/or smoothies) vs those on 1800 cal plan consuming 3x200 cal snacks per day (and/or smoothies). If you missed it, the instructions on this are noted in your personal cabinet.

  • I am a vegetarian. Does Eat.Reinvented nutrition plan account for vegetarian options?

    Yes, it certainly provides plenty of vegetarian recipes. It is safe for you to be on this nutrition plan and get the needed daily calorie intake to receive the energy supply and carbs you need to sustain on the program.


  • Where is the social group on FB?

    Please JOIN my Get.Reinvented Club today! You will get daily support and motivation to push harder every day!

  • I want to reach Katia KITA directly. How can I do that?

    If you need to send Katia a message, please send her direct message on Facebook or via her email katia@get-reinvented.com.

  • What hashtags and tags do I use when posting my photos?

    When you are sharing your awesome workout selfies on social media, it is important that you use proper handles and hashtags. This will allow Katia to see your posts and you may be selected and she will share your photos on her social media and give you a  #getreinvented shoutout!!! Yeah!

    FACEBOOK: please tag Katia KITA as @atkatiakita (Katia KITA business page will pop up) and use #getreinvented.

    INSTAGRAM: please tag Katia KITA as @katiakitaofficial and use #getreinvented.

    Please note that only proper tagging allows us to see your posts and select them for sharing and shoutouts. Therefore, double check before posting!


  • I am having a technical issue. Where should I report it?

    Please submit your ticket and attach a screenshot of the technical issue through the Support.

  • My photos do not upload in the personal cabinet. What should I do?

    First, please check the following requirements:

    • Photos must be in jpg, jpeg and png formats. Other formats are not supported.
    • Each photo needs to be less than 8 Mb
    • Check mark the box that you accept the Terms and Policy
    • Click Submit button – your photos should upload then and show in your personal cabinet

    If you are still experiencing trouble with uploading, please contact Support and attach a screenshot of the error message the system gives, if any.

  • The video skips and does not load properly. What should I do?

    There are three viewing modes available for the videos: low, medium and high resolution. These options are available in the pop up window for each training. Just switch between the options and see which one plays on your wi-fi. Low resolution playback option should solve the issue of video stalling. By default all videos are set to medium resolution, but they are all HD quality. Your internet needs to be somewhat fast to playback the videos. If the low resolution video does not play for you, there is nothing we can do on our end. Please contact your internet provider to upgrade your download plan. Minimal technical requirements are:

    Internet connection:

    • 10Mbps for low res
    • 18Mbps for mid res
    • 25Mbps for high res


    • Windows 10
    • Mac OS 10.11
    • iOS 9.0
    • Android 6.0


    • Chrome 42.0
    • Firefox 42
    • Safari 9
  • I want to change my password. How can I do that?

    Please change the password in Settings in your personal cabinet.