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With 2018 around the corner, I am sure all of you must be looking forward to the most common tradition “NEW YEAR RESOLUTION”. It’s a perfect time and opportunity for all who just couldn’t give their best in the previous year, for those who wanted to make a fresh start but procrastinated thinking they’ll start it from next week, next month or perhaps sometime in a near future.

So guys, now it’s the perfect time to set the important goals that will help you change your lifestyle, health and fitness for the better! Such planning should help you stick with your New Year resolutions! Now, let's dive in and get you going!

If you are really serious about changing your life and making it better, you need to first focus on getting in shape. Losing weight is usually the .... top priority resolution for most of you and combining it with “exercising”, “staying fit” and “eating healthy”. It’s very easy to go to the gym, start exercising, plan a diet, but what’s tricky is to stay on track in the long run, therefore you need to be sure that your plan is solid.


Tricks to weight-loss:


1. Get rid of scales: Try not to obsess with the weight that's displayed on the scales! Go for BMI! Remember, muscles weigh more than fat tissue and when you first start exercising you start building lean tissue aka muscles. So this will explain why the weight may have gone up actually after the few first week of training.

To calculate your BMI:

- divide your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in metres (m)

- then divide the answer by your height again to get your BMI.


2. Choose the intake of calories wisely: it’s not just about the “in” and “out” of calories, it’s more about the choice of macro nutrients you decide to consume because not all calories are equal. The kind of calorie you put in and how it is going to be processed by your body also helps you in achieving your weight-loss goals. For instance, if you eat three  Eggs over a candy bar even though the caloric value is the same, the same the egg is a better option as it will regulate your insulin, maintain your blood sugar. And the protein in it will keep you feel fuller for a long time and helps you build a lean tissue.


weight loss meals


3. Understand the real meaning of metabolism: People tend to confuse the BMR( Basal Metabolic Rate) with the RMR( Resting Metabolic Rate) without realizing that both are different when it comes to numbers. The BMR is your metabolic rate if you sleep all day whereas, the RMR is your metabolic rate if you have been on the bed all day but ate your meals and did some moving. Therefore, the RMR is the number to be calculated to check the burned calories. Once you understand this properly, you know how to check the caloric needs!


4. Choose whole foods over processed: looking for a real difference in your waistline? Keep your diet to unprocessed foods as your body understands the real food chemistry.Go for square meal plates and wholegrain and wholesome meals. Basically the less your food was processed (cooked in oil, marinated, etc.), the better it is for your body overall. Go for fruits vs sugary desserts, as it will be the best choice for you in complex carbs.


healthy diet plan


5. Focus on your Sleep: did you know that the amount of sleep makes a huge difference in your weight. Sleep disorders and weight gain have a strong connection. The reason why this happens is because your body lacks energy when you do not sleep well and regularly, so guess what you turn to for the energy source? You are correct if you said "food". You basically start eating more to compensate for the lack of sleep. And this contributes to unwanted weight gain. Therefore, try adopting natural sleeping habits “early to bed and early to rise” and make it a priority in your life.


6. Break the myth “healthy can’t be tasty”: Guys, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and this is just so true when it comes to clean eating. Try innovating your snacks and meal prep ahead of time, so that it is easy for munching when you feel hungry. Eat with the period of 2 hours, so that you do not overeat, but instead keep your metabolism going with smaller size meals and healthier choices. Your body is a machine, so fuel it right!  

I created Get.Reinvented fitness program so that it shifts your perception on dieting and exercising. Forget diets! They suck and do not work! Simply put! I am going to teach you how to eat healthy with a smile. I ve got over 75 yummy and healthy recipe for you to choose from and mix/match! Give it a try!

Guess what: my nutrition plan Eat.Reinvented accounts for sweet recipes and desserts. And together with the effective trainings you will be enjoying your weight loss ride!


loss weight training


7. Have a cheat sheet ready: We all heard it: you end up putting on more weight that prior to starting a certain diet. That is because it is a DIET and your body is deprived of certain foods and macro nutrients. So have a cheat sheet ready for such cases.

What is it that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Dark chocolate or apple slices dipped in organic almond butter? Yum!


8. Be patient with progress check: when it’s about the progress check many of us can be impatient. Guys, in order to have an accurate picture of your progress, you need to do it weekly, as daily measuring and scales will not work. Water retention, bloating have a big role to play. So instead of doing daily check-ins set up weekly check-ins instead.


9. Celebrate and reward yourself: sounds silly…but, why wait for someone to reward you for the achieved success?  We all have grown up getting little rewards for our achievements so why stop now?.Go out for a happy hour with friends and share a healthy appetizer (lettuce cups with chicken always work!), take yourself for a massage (after all you worked so hard staying on track!) or simply buy yourself a new FITNESS outfit that will keep you motivated to work out even harder!


healthy eating programs


10. Jot down your goals: jotting down your goals really helps in making up for them. All that is required is placing this written goal at a place where you can view it everyday. This keeps you committed to your weight-loss. Keep yourself accountable by sharing your plans and goals with your friends and let them be a part of your weight loss journey. They will help you stick to the New Year resolutions.


11. Keep yourself hydrated: So many times my clients ask me: why do I have a headache after a workout? And when I ask them if they drank enough water, the answer is: no, I forgot my bottle. Well, your body has a way of sending you signals when you are getting dehydrated. The general recommendation is to drink half of your weight (in ounces) daily. For example, you weigh 150 lbs. You need to drink 75 ounces of water daily for needed hydration. Our bodies consist mainly out of water, as you know. On another note: try drinking when you feel hungry. A lot of times you may not know this, but you feel thirsty and NOT hungry and all your body is asking for is fluids! So try to nourish your body with enough water and you will see the difference shortly, because you will not feel so hungry throughout the day.


best way to lose weight


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So we are all overwhelmed with searching for gifts, recipes and trying to impress our guests and loved ones. I'd like to share this yummy dish with you that I recently cooked!


Okay, I've got a cool and EASY and HEALTHY recipe for you to impress your family and guests!


*** Sea bass in olive oil/lemon marinade ***


What you need:

-  mid size sea bass (whole fish, but cleaned out)

- 1 lemon

- 4 tb spoons olive oil

- pepper/salt to taste

- 2 garlic cloves 

- parsley bunch




yummy healthy recipes


How to cook it:

- make sure you clean out the fish and wash it good. (* Costco has really generous sea basses in store!)

- crush the garlic and mix it with olive oil, salt and pepper. 

- smother the fish (inside and out) with the olive oil marinade and let it sit for a few minutes in a glass casserole

- dice up the parsley and sprinkle it over the fish


Cook it for 20 minutes at 385 F


Enjoy with a side salad or mashed potatoes! 


Guys, this is so yummy and mouthwatering! Seriously!


low fat recipes

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