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5 steps to healthy hair


Weather, genes, lifestyle, stress, nutrition, work and many other factors play a huge role in your overall health and the way your body fights the internal and external stress factors.


Beautiful luscious hair is a dream for every woman and I used to have long, shiny and thick hair… Back in high school… Before the first highlights took place... Aha, you hear me!


Anyway, being in fitness full time, having demanding work hours and caring for a family left me with no “me time” for healthy hair regimen or so I thought… Until problems really started to happen.



You see, the more you wash your hair, the more oil your is being produced in your scalp, as this is a natural way for your body to prevent oil loss (when you wash your hair too often). So you end up playing this constant vicious circle where you wash your hair every day now and it still looks greasy!! I bet this sounds familiar.


A year ago I started getting bald patches in the front part of my scalp. Vitamins did not help, shampoos and special hair care systems did not help. I seeked doctor’s help and was advised that I am experiencing male baldness pattern where women start losing hair in the front and these bald patches become more and more persistent and consistent… Ugh! I was heavily in fitness teaching classes and working out on my own as well daily. Thus, sweating every day left my hair greasy and unhealthy with less and less chance for natural recovery. In addition, I had personal training clients every day so needless to say I needed to look presentable. So I ended up being in this trap of washing my hair daily as I was watching it thin out completely and fall out in large quantity…



The treatment that my doctor suggested first was Nioxin hair care treatment system – it did not work for me! The leave-in treatment did not make my hair look healthy or full, in contrary still greasy and very fine. I tried different masks off Amazon that had good reviews. In addition to taking biotin and hair/nails/skin vitamins. I guess I was beyond that stage already. Nothing was saving my hair.

So the next step suggested to me by the doctor was PRP Hair treatment. The procedure is rather simple, but a bit complex when it comes to timing it right.


Step #1 – PRP Hair Treatment

What it is? It is very simple: your blood gets drawn and then spun. During the spinning process the protein enriched blood cells get separated and contained in a vial. The doctor then takes this protein enriched blood and injects it into your scalp where the bald patches are present.

What makes it time consuming is the fact that you need to pretty much block off the entire day for the procedure. Get to the doctor, wait for your turn, the staff draws blood, then wait for it to be processed, then get injected and then after about 20 minutes once the procedure is done, you get to go home. But let me warn you: the doctor will put some lidocaine cream on your scalp where the injections will happen so be ready to look the greasiest ever… for the next 24 hours… while you cannot wash your hair.

However, this is so worth going through. In about 3-4 weeks I started noticing this little hairs come through and it worked! It was like a miracle – so unbelievable and amazing at the same time. The hair got thicker and stronger. You do need to repeat the procedure up to several times per year until the effect hold in place. However, I only did it once (truly, guys, could not find time for a second procedure LOL).



Step 2 – HIF

Right after I did my PRP, the doctor recommended buying this miracle shampoo that was new on the market. HIF = hair is fabric, a Canadian brand that is quite reputable already and tracks a lot of excellent reviews! So I gave it a try and simply enjoyed this product so much that had to stay on it to upkeep my hair regrowth. What this shampoo does (I got the volume shampoo) is clears your scalp really well, thus leaving no flakes and dirt that blocks your pores. This process allows the follicles to stay free of any debris to produce healthy hair. So for a small bottle that lasted me for about a month I paid $28 at my doctor’s office.


Step 3 – Keratin treatment

I got express. I wanted to try it and did not want to do the advanced treatment that lasted 3 months. What can I say? The results were great and I loved it. My hair is frizzy and unruly the way it is. Now after the little hairs started to come in, it totally looked like I have a halo around my head LOL Keratin sealed it all nicely and helped a lot to flaunt a sleek, polished shiny look. Almost like I spent several hours at the stylist. Beware: no sulfates allowed. So when you have keratin treatment, make sure you are not using products with sulfates.



Step 4 – Shea Moisture Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner

Seriously, one of the best finds! The hydration power! The shampoo and conditioner are sulfates and parabens free, so keratin treatment can last! The products nourish my hair and leave it looking healthy and lustrous for a few days! And the price tag is a nice bonus. Available at any local drug store like CVS or Walgreens.


Step 5 – Moroccan Oil

Oh yes! Must have! Anytime I put hot air on my hair I use Moroccan oil beforehand to ensure the hair is protected from heat and will not break or split. Just a few drops of this rich product and you are covered!


Now let’s talk nutrition. What does your hair need in order to be lustrous and beautiful? It needs iron, zinc, vitamins A, E, B, D, water and a lot of protein! So you can do all kinds of treatment to your hair and partially restore it temporarily, BUT it is super important to eat healthy and smart in order to provide best nutrition for your body, organs and hair. So I started eating Eat.Reinvented meal plan recipes that are not only quick and tasty, but provide essential nutrients for humans to function and thrive! This meal plan was created specifically for fit-inspired and active people on the go. I am proud to say that for a year now my hair has been growing steadily and does not break but shines! This meal plan comes with a large variety of interesting and wholesome recipes that do not require any fancy ingredients. It will leave your belly happy and your hair healthy! Here is one of the recipes for you to enjoy! And can you believe it burger can be healthy??



This guide is based on my personal experience when it comes to battling hair loss and breaking. It helped me and I am sure it can help you as well! Especially for those of us who are short on time trying to be moms and super women at the same time.



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Sheduling fitness in your regular routine should be a MUST, as living an active lifestyle and being physically active will ensure your overall health and prolonged life! But do you find it difficult to get that workout in as you are busy making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or watching cartoon with your kid? Most often I hear parents complaining of kids being an excuse to their exercise routine. But why not to include the kiddos into your WORKOUT routine? Wouldn’t they love to be a part of something mommy is doing? Being a parent myself I feel kids can be a part of lot of exercises (think: center weight stabilization, increased weight resistance or simply chasing after them - hello!).



All you need to do is to pick the right approach keeping in mind their age and personality. Safety is the primary concern! I know it can be challenging but even though when you’re short on time, you still can get in a great workout. Let’s see how...


I usually suggest people to get in short, intense intervals mixed with cardio and strength...Yes I am talking about HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout LOL. So all if you are a mom and scramble for time, believe me when I say, HIIT training is a way to go! You get the benefit of a full body workout in a short time with the prolonged calorie burning effect. Who does not want that?


So, let’s get started:


     1. SQUATS: stand hip distance apart and ensure you are keeping your toes, ankles and knees in 1 line pointing forward. Sit low and bring your booty and hips back as your knees ARE NOT passing your toes. Now let’s involve the baby! For small kids and infants, you can easily secure the baby in a baby carrier and perform squats with this extra weight on your chest (just ensure you are keeping your chest and maintaining spine in neutral position on your squat - do not bend down. Remember squat is performed through driving the power from your quads and hamstrings. Each time you come up, squeeze the buns! For older kids simply hold their hands in yours and perform squats together. And give it a small jump as you come up - trust me, kiddos love that extra excitement! Here is how we do it!

     2. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: babies love lying on the floor and looking at your funny face and this gives you another reason to smile for a minute (or two LOL). So get on the floor in a push-up position and place the baby under your chest. Now, start bringing your knees to your chest one at time. Kind of like a slow run on a floor! Just mind the baby and do not kick him/her!



     3. JUMPING JACKS: it’s a great exercise that builds your cardio base and elevates your heart rate. I am sure your kids will love to jump or dance with you...so why not make some giggles to a soundtrack you love? For advanced moms out there, perform weighted jumps instead - oh yeah! Watch us do it!

     4. PUSH UPS: target your upper body and chest by doing this simple workout. Stand on your fours and place the child beneath your chest. Every kid loves being pampered with some lovely kisses and there you include your kid in the workout while you get down give them a kiss.

     5. SHADOW BOXING: in this workout, you simply have to stand firm on your feet and punch the air performing corner crosses or straight jabs.  Engage the abdominal muscles and rotate through your hips while you punch the air (stomp your feet as you perform punches, thus, protecting your knees). This is a great workout that engages your kid without involving them actively in your workout. Thinking how? Simple. Toddlers love to copy and mimic and they’ll definitely mirror you when you do this move.

     6. BRIDGES: don’t you think it’ll be fun giving your kiddo a ride when they straddle your hips...Yes it’s very much possible with this workout. You simply gotta lie on your back with your arms across your chest and then you need to engage your core and lift your pelvis into the air while you squeeze your glutes.

     7. PLANKS: ok, this one is for my advanced moms out there. If your core is strong enough, your shoulders are trained and you have no lower back issues - PLANK it for me, ladies, with your toddler on your back. Take it to a push up if you are up for it! *For babies 2 years old and up.



Beginners: simply stand in a downward dog position and send kisses to the little one! Older kids can stand in a downward dog with ya!



Advanced: forehand plank position with the baby (make sure the baby is old enough to hold on to you and maintain the balance!) sitting on your back. And I mean this is for advanced moms out there, as your lower back will be taking major stress on this onw, therefore, assess your fitness level properly! Now for an extra kick, keep one leg elevated and alternate.


     8. STROLLER RUN: This one is the simply reminder for NO excuses. Have no time for a real workout, well, you have to take the child outside anyway to get in some air, so run… and push the stroller. Even better, put some heavier stuff in the stroller tray to increase the weight resistance. For those of you having older kids, how about running after your toddler as she rides a bike?? Can you catch up with Sonya?

    9. STRETCHING: Okay, we start each morning from light stretching on the floor and I have to tell you IT FEELS SOOO GOOD! Simply sit on the floor and reach to the sky by taking a deep breath and exhaling to the floor as you reach for your toes. You can place the infant on the floor next to your toes and each time wave at the baby, as you are reaching for the toes. To watch Sonya’s version of pre-ballet stretching with mama she put together as the instructor, click here

    10. WARMUP: When winter and cold weather is over, do yourself a favor, get outside and do some warmup with your toddler or have your infant sit in a stroller and watch. Kids love to absorb everything around them and copy what mama is doing. For our version of the warmup, watch it here


Pick just 3-4 of this activities every day and this will be enough to get you going on your fitness path. Meanwhile you should even feel proud of yourself once you are done with it as you are being a good role model for your kid. Engaging them in your workouts will teach them the importance and value of workout and active lifestyle from the very beginning. Nurture love for healthy lifestyle and fitness from early on!


I was a new mom 5 years ago and was struggling to find time for a workout. Surely, I ran, I went to the park several times per day, but…. I was missing that fun atmosphere that the gym gives you with the classes and the music… add the nutrition plan on top of that so that you do not have to search for calorie savvy recipes and top it off with a supportive community of moms across the globe who are going through the same challenge and want to lose that stubborn belly fat and pregnancy weight…. Ahhh! Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Nope! I made this dream into a reality called Get.Reinvented fitness program - your ultimate solution on the way to lose extra weight and stubborn pounds, to get your pre-pregnancy body back and to look hot again! Especially, knowing the troubles that a new mom faces with little to no time she has caring for that infant and trying to be a super woman at the same time, I put all my knowledge into Get.Reinvented program which allows you to work out on your time and on your terms! Get back into shape while the baby naps during the day! Guess what with moms from around the world and a very active online community support, you will simply NOT have a single excuse why you skipped a training. Imagine a program where you have the trainings at your fingertips and all that is needed just 2 dumbbells and a mat; where calorie savvy and nutrient dense menu is put together for you and this is the menu you can safely eat when still breastfeeding! WHAT? Yes! Reality! Welcome to my world, the world of Get.Reinvented - where I will transform your BODY and reinvent your LIFE. For good!



So no more excuses for skipping the workout!  I know you might find it hard in the beginning, but as soon as you get into a habit of working out together, it will become one more reasons for bonding time and a fun-healthy one!

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Hi, ladies! Hi, moms! Hi, busy working women! Hi, girlfriends!


With summer around the corner, you are wondering how in the world you would have the time to slim down and maintain the results without going crazy and counting calories. 


Whatever the occasion is: summer vacation, honeymoon, wedding, losing stubborn pregnancy weight or simply saying “hello” to a new lifestyle and body -  I know what can help you get to your ultimate goal!




Think about the ultimate online fitness challenge, during which you will be able to burn fat, gain lean muscles, learn to eat healthy, and lose up to 10lbs in just 30 days.


Marathon will be hosted in my Get.Reinvented Club, where over 800 participants enjoy daily fitness tips and tricks, free fat-burning workouts, motivation, inspiration, and support. Plus, I have a little surprise for you all. I have a number of influencers who have happily agreed to participate in this fitness marathon with you.


Sage @sagealeena


“I’m doing the May Marathon because I believe everyone should strive to live their best life. I’ve been doing the Get Reinvented program for a little while now and I really love it. My goal is to look and feel great by May 18th because I have my school formal that night and I want to feel stunning. I also have a school play the week afterwards and I want to be able to feel confident in the costumes. I want the results to last so I want to keep going through this journey to living a healthier life, both physically and mentally (I’m studying for my big Final Year exams this years so that’s very important too)! Looking forward to getting started!”


Devon  @devonlynnm


"Hey everyone!!! I’m Devon and I’m soooo pumped for this challenge!!  I wanted to take part in the challenge because the last two years I haven’t been my best self. I divorced my husband of 9years, became a single mom to four amazing kiddos, moved states... This is something I can do for me!"




"My entire life I have been fighting the extra pounds and “rolls” and this is not because it is so hard to lose weight, but because I SIMPLY LOVE TO EAT! I am lacking self motivation and mean people around me are saying that I am beautiful the way I am and there is nothing I need to change. So this time I want to take charge and slim down as during the last six months I have gained 5 kilograms. And it is hard for me to start exercising and eat clean. I mean, I start to but this effort only lasts a week. I really hope that this marathon and team work and accountability will not make me quit and I will cross that finish line with desired number of 50 kg on the scales! Very excited and anxious to start and stuffing my mouth with donuts so that I am not craving them during the challenge!"


Olga @olgakulkina


"Pregnancies have not been easy on my body. As soon as I stopped breastfeeding my baby I gained extra pounds. Training by myself is so boring and, honestly, I am lazy. But I really want tobe beautiful and toned. When you have so much support and accountability as in Get.Reinvented marathon I know it is doable!"


Alyona  @alyonkashe


"I decided to participate in Get.Reinvented Summer Slimdown Marathon so that I can strengthen my willpower, bring my sexy back and become healthier and fitter! I am trusting Katia with body and believe in the result!"


It is so hard to start. It is impossible at times to find time in a day to even sit down and relax, not even mention a full workout. It is so difficult to convince yourself to make this first step on a road to a new you. I know - I have been there and had 20 lbs to lose after I had the baby.



I also know that when you have a supportive community around you and girlfriends who are holding you accountable this just makes it so much easier to do it TOGETHER! So I am launching this marathon to help YOU be healthier,  happier and fitter for summer and…. KEEP UP THE RESULT for good! How does this sound?


All you need is to just sign up here, 2 dumbbells, a yoga mat, a girlfriend or two who you can invite to join and a desire to look SEXY and FABULOUS!



If you are still not convinced whether you should participate or not, go ahead and check out my awesome Reinventors who have transformed their bodies in just 30 days! You can do it too!





Oh, and if you think you cannot commit 40 minutes per day to train with me, forget this excuse! This stay-at-home momma of 2 little girls is nailing it. She lost 17 lbs during our March Marathon. What’s your excuse, girlfriend? What are you waiting for?




P.S. As a special thank you you will get a special offer when you apply code SLIMSUMMER2018 at checkout

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Motherhood… This is one of those incredible phases in life that a woman waits for with excitement and it changes her life for good. In many ways. One of which is body and mind.



Anxiety, nutrition, struggle with weight gain, nausea, sleepless nights, fatigue, possible stretch marks, breast feeding - all of these new friends just rush into a woman’s life. During pregnancy women are so overwhelmed with hormones and trying to adjust to the new role and prepare for the baby to come. It is best to BE READY all the way and prepare your body for physical challenges in advance. I have been in sports my entire life and continued to exercise through the end of my pregnancy. To give you an idea: Sonya was born on Sunday and my last TRX workout was on Wednesday. I continued with my cardio kickboxing through week #35. This is all great, because I was already fit physically and could afford to keep up this intensity and regular schedule. As the doctors say: run if you have been a runner, etc.



However, it is always best to plan ahead and get your body for the next stage of your life by being active and exercising WELL before the you get pregnant. I created Get.Reinvented fitness program to help women get stronger, healthier and happier overall. There are so many girls on this program who came to me specifically to get their core strong before they get pregnant. That’s what I call PROPER DEDICATION! Not to mention that it is way easier to stay healthy during pregnancy of you are coming into it with normal BMI, body composition and MUSCLES that help you burn those calories that some of us are munching on during the 9 months because you get hungry for two! There are studies that show that less miscarriages happen to those women who have strong pelvic muscles. So let’s train so that you can enjoy that babyshower cake to the fullest!



Alright, you managed to get through 3 trimesters and the biggest bundle of joy is here! Being a new mom is a stressful enough trying to get adjusted to no sleep, breastfeeding, pain management, fighting a postpartum depression in many cases, and of course, serving this little miracle 24/7 LOL.



In addition, maternity leave in US, let’s face it, is not even close to adequate, so if the mother is a working woman in the present competitive market, then the physical burden plus the mental stress doubles; and often triples, because of the unavoidable household responsibilities that add up with it. Many of women end up gaining extra weight during pregnancy and worry about shedding these baby pounds in postpartum. Hard? Not even close! Sometimes impossible in given circumstances and lack of time and sleep! This kind of a busy life can be manageable and healthy by following a revolutionary program Get.Reinvented that I created for NEW MOMS, BUSY MOMS on the go and STAY AT HOME MOMS! This is not just a fitness program, this is a way of life! This is how my moms train and sweat!



And this is how we, moms, party later! LOL



Sure, a mom can go to the gym, but how can you if your baby is too little still, refuses to stay without you in sight, the gym does not have kids club, you have guilt feelings for leaving the baby, have no time after work to go anywhere (read: too much household stuff to do)? Any of these sounds familiar? I know it was me a few years ago… Grrr! Sofia refused to even think about kids club at 24 HR Fitness, so the only options I was left with were: working out at the park while she is enjoying the weather (not too bad of an option - thank God for California’s climate).



A new mom has too many things on her mind to search the web for calorie savvy recipes and look for the effective exercises that may work for her. I am offering a solution that will work for ANY mom! Get.Reinvented program comes not only with the most effective HIIT trainings, but also a well-balanced and nutrient dense (heck, yeah! Just what a breastfeeding mom needs!) nutrition plan that does not exclude any macros. And it is safe for while you are breastfeeding! . If you are  stay-at-home mom, trust me, you’ve got this! You have 40 minutes per day to train while the baby is napping! Or, put the baby to work and train in the living room! LOL



If you are a working mom in postpartum, you can easily bring a phone/iPad to the work gym and slay 40 minutes of my HOT training there and meal prep the dishes on the weekend from the nutrition plan so that you can take yummy and healthy lunches to work! Because you deserve to be happy and look your best! And your baby needs a smiling mom who is on a wholesome regimen and staying active!



After a pregnancy phase, when weight gain is almost a requirement for the proper nourishment of the child, the mother in her post-pregnancy phase often wants to shed off the excess weight, but can not do so because of the lack of proper guidance or experience. As a new mom you are battling a lot, as I mentioned. Well, let me tell you that I developed tendonitis on my left wrist within the first 8 months of Sonya being born, as she was rapidly increasing weight and the way I was picking her up was under her armpits - this is not a typical workout grip for my arms when I am picking up the dumbbells. The pain was really bad. At one point I went to get a cortisone shot, as I was waking up with a shaking wrist and could not even hold a cup of tea. The new mothers are also looking for a quick  weight loss diet which is safe for the immune system and breastfeeding.



I promise you to reshape your body help you shed the excess weight gained during the pregnancy. Have fun with me training effectively and do everything ONLINE! Enjoy all the support you can get from the motivated Reinventors and the same moms like you in our Facebook group!


All you need to join my Get.Reinvented Club is 2 dumbbells and some willingness to give me a chance to transform your body! What, is that it? YASSSS! Just give it a try and you will never want to look back!


     - All calories are calculated for you for each recipe!

     - Highly motivating and effective trainings in HD quality!

     - Modifications demonstrated for every fitness level!

     - A fully optimized website for any device: enjoy trainings on the phone/laptop/smart TV!

     - Minimum equipment: just a mat and 2 dumbbells

     - Insane energy and support in the FB group!

     - Your own workout schedule suitable for any MOM!

     - Family friendly nutrient dense recipes

     - Well balanced nutrition plan that comes with breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, snacks and even healthy take out options!

     - Partner friendly workouts! Put your hubby to work!



I want to hear from you about your fitness and schedule struggles! Drop me a line on my social media or a comment below and let’s find a solution together! I will help you manage the intense mom schedule and get it on track for a happy, healthy and FIT LIFE! Let’s announce BELLY FAT WAR and battle together!




Katia KITA


P.S. Hey, and if you are still having second thoughts, check out this hot stay-at-home mama who lost overall 17 lbs on my program while her two toddlers are every day with her!



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