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Holidays are approaching and many of us are looking for the next quick getaway or an all-inclusive vacation. The first thing I always look for in ANY vacation is a GYM or a sports program that is available. While I am always looking forward to having a break on my vacation, I also understand the challenge that comes with it - risk of disrupting the fitness routine you’ve worked so hard to develop! One of the main reasons why I created Get.Reinvented, ultimate fat burning online program is because I wanted YOU to have access to the online workouts from anywhere in the world. So regardless of a location you can have me as your personal trainer on demand! This is the BEST and RISK-FREE option to stay in shape while you travel!

Sign up for the Get.Reinvented program here and apply coupon THANKS2018 to claim your special offer at the checkout.

So I decided to reveal some world’s best-renowned vacay spots that will help you get more FIT and inspire you!



Keep reading, as in this blog post I will share with you how to plan a relaxing vacation that also helps you with your fitness and wellness goals through spiritual tranquility, sports and weight loss motivation. It is so great to tone up, get fit and fabulous, build muscle, burn fat and relax at the same time, right??? Just imagine getting a body conditioning training on a beach where sun kisses the water.


Here are SOME FITNESS-INSPIRED vacation destinations for you where you can enjoy your holiday risk-free of disrupting your fitness routine:

1. If you want to improve your physical and emotional well-being and reinvigorate your health by gaining the benefits that YOGA offers from improving your posture and breathing to flexibility and stress relief. Here are some luxurious spots for you that’ll replenish you and you will return home with a new relaxed you.


Another cool idea would be to join your YOGINI celebrity trainer who offers yoga retreats somewhere next to the ocean and enjoy the scenery as you work out on the coastline. Check out Dashama with her yoga retreats schedule and pick yours!


 2. If you want to a kick start your metabolism and start living a healthy lifestyle, find a vacation spot that offers a wide range of fitness activities starting from everything outdoors like hiking and mountain biking to group classes like boxing, total body workout, crossfit, etc.



Catch a list of some all-inclusive FITNESS destinations that you can choose as your next vacations spot where you can easily combine HIIT  workouts with spa treatments to get fitter, healthier and RELAXED!  You will not be able to say goodbye :-)

3.  Learning to manage stress is really challenging, especially in our busy 21st century life. But guess what? You have a chance to recuperate and regain focus through simple stress relieving fitness activities. So if that’s what your heart and body desires, plan a getaway to a remote DESTRESS spot where you can detach yourself from daily stress and achieve deep mind and soul relaxation. Here is your list for such destinations.


 4.  Do you want some mental, physical and spiritual development? Believe me, all you need is a holistic approach to wellness while you get away from demanding job, crazy life and heavy schedules! An AYURVEDA holiday will provide quick healing for an emotional imbalance while your heart will be in peace and soul - in harmony. You will definitely experience sensation of rejuvenation benefits from such getaway. Shall we take you to a recharging vacation spot? Here is your list for such destinations.


 5. If you are looking for a complete experience of nutrition and exercising to escape reality, then a HEALTHY BREAK is exactly what you need to relax and revitalize your body and mind. Some fun fitness activities, nutritious cuisine and a luxurious spa treatment will just be a perfect short relaxing holiday. Here is your list for this ultimate getaway:


6. Trip Tribe is growing and you can definitely utilize technology power combined with group training when you choose this source for a fitness getaway. It is simple: go to www.triptribe.com browse through trainers and featured destinations to choose the one you want! You will connect with same minded people during this getaway and share the value of group training and accountability for sure!



Apart from this you can also plan a trip to the world’s best fitness destinations that will combine plenty of travel adventures with the world’s best workouts…

- Bahamas (a perfect place for multiple yoga retreats)

- Fontainebleau, France (why not do some mountain climbing and give your arms back and core muscles an unforgettable trip?)

- Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast (cycling is great for firming up your leg muscles and is also an excellent cardio workout so why not plan a cycling trip this vacation? Don’t you think it’ll be fun coming back home feeling healthy with millions of stories to share?)

- Chand Baori, India (with thousands of stairs to climb give your legs a perfect workout)

- Patagonia (world’s best place for ice trekking...with vast sheets of ice go challenge yourself and your major muscle groups)

- Costa Rica (an ultimate destination for those who love running. Jogging along hundreds of miles of coastline will be an amazing trip with treasure trove stories and best workout to keep you in shape)



No more waiting! Let’s pack your passports along with the sneakers and let’s plan the next big getaway!

If you do not have enough money to travel abroad and would much rather stay here, explore RETREATS - another great option to disconnect from the everyday hustle and stressful job schedule. You will be asked to go to the woods where there is no reception, wifi, and the only thing you will enjoy is actual self-discovery through mind and soul searching and connecting with what your heart really wants.


Okay, I am off to pack for our trip to… for Thanksgiving LOL In the meantime comment your ideal vacation spot!


Stay healthy and fit!


Katia KITA












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5 steps to healthy hair


Weather, genes, lifestyle, stress, nutrition, work and many other factors play a huge role in your overall health and the way your body fights the internal and external stress factors.


Beautiful luscious hair is a dream for every woman and I used to have long, shiny and thick hair… Back in high school… Before the first highlights took place... Aha, you hear me!


Anyway, being in fitness full time, having demanding work hours and caring for a family left me with no “me time” for healthy hair regimen or so I thought… Until problems really started to happen.



You see, the more you wash your hair, the more oil your is being produced in your scalp, as this is a natural way for your body to prevent oil loss (when you wash your hair too often). So you end up playing this constant vicious circle where you wash your hair every day now and it still looks greasy!! I bet this sounds familiar.


A year ago I started getting bald patches in the front part of my scalp. Vitamins did not help, shampoos and special hair care systems did not help. I seeked doctor’s help and was advised that I am experiencing male baldness pattern where women start losing hair in the front and these bald patches become more and more persistent and consistent… Ugh! I was heavily in fitness teaching classes and working out on my own as well daily. Thus, sweating every day left my hair greasy and unhealthy with less and less chance for natural recovery. In addition, I had personal training clients every day so needless to say I needed to look presentable. So I ended up being in this trap of washing my hair daily as I was watching it thin out completely and fall out in large quantity…



The treatment that my doctor suggested first was Nioxin hair care treatment system – it did not work for me! The leave-in treatment did not make my hair look healthy or full, in contrary still greasy and very fine. I tried different masks off Amazon that had good reviews. In addition to taking biotin and hair/nails/skin vitamins. I guess I was beyond that stage already. Nothing was saving my hair.

So the next step suggested to me by the doctor was PRP Hair treatment. The procedure is rather simple, but a bit complex when it comes to timing it right.


Step #1 – PRP Hair Treatment

What it is? It is very simple: your blood gets drawn and then spun. During the spinning process the protein enriched blood cells get separated and contained in a vial. The doctor then takes this protein enriched blood and injects it into your scalp where the bald patches are present.

What makes it time consuming is the fact that you need to pretty much block off the entire day for the procedure. Get to the doctor, wait for your turn, the staff draws blood, then wait for it to be processed, then get injected and then after about 20 minutes once the procedure is done, you get to go home. But let me warn you: the doctor will put some lidocaine cream on your scalp where the injections will happen so be ready to look the greasiest ever… for the next 24 hours… while you cannot wash your hair.

However, this is so worth going through. In about 3-4 weeks I started noticing this little hairs come through and it worked! It was like a miracle – so unbelievable and amazing at the same time. The hair got thicker and stronger. You do need to repeat the procedure up to several times per year until the effect hold in place. However, I only did it once (truly, guys, could not find time for a second procedure LOL).



Step 2 – HIF

Right after I did my PRP, the doctor recommended buying this miracle shampoo that was new on the market. HIF = hair is fabric, a Canadian brand that is quite reputable already and tracks a lot of excellent reviews! So I gave it a try and simply enjoyed this product so much that had to stay on it to upkeep my hair regrowth. What this shampoo does (I got the volume shampoo) is clears your scalp really well, thus leaving no flakes and dirt that blocks your pores. This process allows the follicles to stay free of any debris to produce healthy hair. So for a small bottle that lasted me for about a month I paid $28 at my doctor’s office.


Step 3 – Keratin treatment

I got express. I wanted to try it and did not want to do the advanced treatment that lasted 3 months. What can I say? The results were great and I loved it. My hair is frizzy and unruly the way it is. Now after the little hairs started to come in, it totally looked like I have a halo around my head LOL Keratin sealed it all nicely and helped a lot to flaunt a sleek, polished shiny look. Almost like I spent several hours at the stylist. Beware: no sulfates allowed. So when you have keratin treatment, make sure you are not using products with sulfates.



Step 4 – Shea Moisture Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner

Seriously, one of the best finds! The hydration power! The shampoo and conditioner are sulfates and parabens free, so keratin treatment can last! The products nourish my hair and leave it looking healthy and lustrous for a few days! And the price tag is a nice bonus. Available at any local drug store like CVS or Walgreens.


Step 5 – Moroccan Oil

Oh yes! Must have! Anytime I put hot air on my hair I use Moroccan oil beforehand to ensure the hair is protected from heat and will not break or split. Just a few drops of this rich product and you are covered!


Now let’s talk nutrition. What does your hair need in order to be lustrous and beautiful? It needs iron, zinc, vitamins A, E, B, D, water and a lot of protein! So you can do all kinds of treatment to your hair and partially restore it temporarily, BUT it is super important to eat healthy and smart in order to provide best nutrition for your body, organs and hair. So I started eating Eat.Reinvented meal plan recipes that are not only quick and tasty, but provide essential nutrients for humans to function and thrive! This meal plan was created specifically for fit-inspired and active people on the go. I am proud to say that for a year now my hair has been growing steadily and does not break but shines! This meal plan comes with a large variety of interesting and wholesome recipes that do not require any fancy ingredients. It will leave your belly happy and your hair healthy! Here is one of the recipes for you to enjoy! And can you believe it burger can be healthy??



This guide is based on my personal experience when it comes to battling hair loss and breaking. It helped me and I am sure it can help you as well! Especially for those of us who are short on time trying to be moms and super women at the same time.



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Your life gets busy, your schedule gets hectic, you do not see the end to this and you simply need to get away! What is a better place to have fun and relax than Las Vegas?? But the question is how to spend a memorable weekend in Las Vegas, see it all and do it all in just days?


This was my moment in December 2017. I was excited, but stressed over the new product launch, overworked a bit (let’s face it months of productive non-stop work can do that to you) and needed TO.HAVE.FUN. before 2018 was here. What makes it even a more special get-away places for me is that we got married in Vegas 7 years ago and each year we try to make it a tradition to go back and celebrate another year of life together. This was perfect timing and excuse = my parents were visiting and we had free and reliable babysitters! Tickets in hand, itinerary planned, 3 day weekend filled with fun and enticing moments lied ahead!

I packed the suitcase literally in 3 hours before the flight and was so ready to go! Upgraded seats on the plane with champagne toast, penthouse suit at the hotel - I was in for a ride! Yassss!


Destination hotel is never an easy choice when you have such a vast variety of accommodations boasting the latest trends in technology, design, food options and shows, right? The choice, however, is always easy for me - we stayed in Paris hotel when we got married in 2010, so that has been THE SPOT. Let me share a few points why:


     - Let’s face it - it sits right in the middle of the Strip! Here is the view from my window


las vegas hotels


     - Rooms have plenty of space (even regular hotel rooms) and always come clean!


las vegas hotel rooms


vegas hotels deals


     - In my opinion Paris hotel has the LEAST amount of smoking smell for those of us, non-smokers, who are either allergic to it or simply detest it. Well, other than Mandarin hotel of course - that one prohibits smoking inside and does NOT have any casinos in it.

     - For those of you who want to view Vegas Strip from above, book your Eiffel Tower viewing experience!

     - Endless food options and nice restaurants along with hip cafes offering french pastries and coffees. You’ve got Gordon Ramsey’s Steakhouse here and an unforgettable dining experience awaiting at Eiffel Tour that offers the view on the famous air balloon and the Vegas Strip from its huge windows.  By the way in Vegas there is this buffet deal where participating hotels (Rio, Flamingo, Paris, etc.) offer a 24 hr wrist pass to eat at their buffet restaurants and indulge to the max. So Paris would be your choice in this bargain, as it offers the BEST buffet restaurant out of all those participating - tons of french inspired dishes (yes, yes, crepes never come to an end here) + an overload of seafood, including crabs legs, endless shrimp, etc. Basically you’ve got a wide selection ranging from Italian and Chinese to French cuisine and sushi.

     - When you get up in the morning and feel lazy to go anywhere before you had that caffeine charge, simply get downstairs and taste the lovely espresso shots at Cafe Belle Madeleine paired with artisan cookies and sophisticated desserts made to satisfy the most gourmet taste! You can also find yummy breakfast options at Hexx Kitchen & Bar that stays open very late by the way!


las vegas casino


     - Hotel offers a gym, a pool and a full spa salon. You know me as a fitness junkie who cannot live a day without a good amount of sweat spilled at the gym. So this is an important one for me! The gym here is not a huge state of art facility, but has main equipment and training machines you need, including cross cables, weight racks and the weight pulley cage. The way I stay in shape is no secret to a lot of you! Get.Reinvented program helps me stay in shape on the go no matter of a location!



     - The hotels has its own show now Inferno: The Fire Spectacular which will leave you amazed and surprised. Enjoy this show along with a few others.


things to do in las vegas at night


     - For those of you gamblers who love to test the luck, the hotel offers many card games and table choices along with some interesting slot machine options. Have a penny? Give it a try! One of our favorite poker game is Ultimate Texas Hold’em. This is not a very popular game to find in many casinos, but Paris offers it!

     - Many souvenir boutiques will lavish you with the most exquisite gifts that are elegant and unconventional!

     - It has a popular nightclub Chateau where celebrities visit and hang out. It has a roof top adjacent to it, so anytime you need fresh air from being overwhelmed, step out and breathe! Vegas… Fun… Memories...I am still there, can you feel it in my words ha ha!


las vegas casino hotels on the strip


     - Lastly, to top it off: have you seen check-in/check-out lines in Vegas? If you have never been there, trust me, you do not want to stand in one: you will miss your show reservation, dinner and barely get to the nightclub in time LOL! My point is: self-service check in machines! Yes! I am sure the technology is going this way and soon all hotels on the Strip at least will be equipped with such machines to simplify the lives of guests, but currently even Bellagio does not offer such service. So this is a big advantage luring me to stay at Paris, to be honest!


things to do in vegas for free


You see, we did not just wed in Paris, our actual honeymoon was in Paris, France and everything “paris” makes me remember great romantic times and nothing can beat that.

Surely we had to have anniversary dinner at Eiffel Tour restaurant where a generous roses arrangement was waiting for me when we first sat at the table. Thanks, hubs!


Okay, enough about Paris, let’s move on to other places and options!


Among other trendy hotels that would be my choice for a stay would be:

     - Wynn, by all means. It is by far one of the prettiest hotels on the Strip and offers a lot of decor. The only thing about it it is kind of a stretch, so if you are going in winter, take a cab! Wynn is a residence to one of the most stunning Cirque Du Soleil shows La Reve! Mesmerizing, guys!

     - Cosmopolitan is one of the newest additions to the strip and has very modern rooms to offer. It has large selection of stores (many clothing) to offer in its 2 ground floors. On  higher end of things including high stakes tables and high poker bets.

     - Bellagio has expensive rooms, but honestly I would not want to stay there, as the hotel attracts many tourists and being a guest it is not always a comfortable moment trying to squeeze through endless crowd of onlookers (the hotel has a lot of exhibits) per each season so that you can just enter/exit the hotel.


things to do in las vegas during the day


     - Planet Hollywood! Yes, a very good choice. The hotel is huge and offers a Miracle Mile walk that has shows, stores, boutiques, restaurants - you name it! There you can experience a VR ride that will take you on a rocky journey through the canyons or horror maze filled with zombies.  $25 per ride. Many gamble tables and show selection along with popular lounges and bars!

     - Excalibur. It is a very neat, but old hotel that has some budget rooms to offer though spacious and clean.


las vegas attractions for adults


     - Caesars. The stay at this hotel is remarkable due to its setting and indoor decor. There are intermittent shows running in the hotel throughout the day. If you have never been, take a stroll through the hotel and enjoy the ambiance.


things to do in las vegas this weekend


     - MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay and Luxor are great hotels also, just a bit to the further side of the Strip. Take some cool photos on the statues at the Luxor.


things to do in las vegas for couples



Do NOT stay at Harrah’s, Flamingo, Bally’s, Treasure Island, Mirage if smoking smell is too much for you. I think due to older ventilation systems or simply a lot of smoking gamblers the air in these hotels will make your eyes water! For real!


What to do and shows to watch

I am a show digger, hands down. I think I have seen every show out there except for a few. If you are into magic shows you need to go watch the following:

     - Criss Angel MindFreak LIVE! Boy, oh, boy! This boy on stage will make you go crazy for his ways, looks and magic tricks! Epotage and ambiance are through the roof!

     - Xavier Mortimer’s magical dream show offers an elegant spin to a french-inspired program on a very small stage. Good price for what it is worth.

     - David Copperfield - a must watch show. Classic and worth seeing. Do not be surprised if David will end up standing next to your chair during the show! Yep, he has this trick on his program where he just shows up next to you!


Acrobatics and Cirque Du Soleil Shows that are absolutely stunning and MUST SEE are (from the most to the least):

     - O! Is simply incredible and mind-blowing from the stage decorations to the acrobatics and costumes in the show

     - Le Reve is romantic, spectacular and will take your breath away. Think: water!

     - Zumanity will increase your senses and raise your modjo! Aha! Nudity and sexuality highly loaded in this show!

     - Michael Jackson ONE will touch your heart, will make you tear, will make you remember and appreciate. This show is not an impersonator show like MJ LIVE but rather a tribute to the idol and performances done to his songs.

     - Mystere honestly reminds me a lot of Le Reve just without water. So expect a lot of acrobatics and stunts that will sweep you off your feet

     - V- The Ultimate Variety Show will make you laugh, participate, scream and clap! Wally Eastwood is such a charismatic and fun guy who will definitely make your money worth!


So these shows are among the top chart for me. There are also seasonal shows from world renowned singers, so before you go browse seasonal performances online. Also, do not forget to check who the resident DJs are if you are planning to hit Vegas for New Year. David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5 are among those top DJs that frequently visit this sin city!


If you are seeking something breathtaking, do not forget about roller coaster rides that New York New York, Circus Circus, Stratosphere and other hotels offer. View the full list of the adventurous rides here. Mind the weather, some of them are closed when it is raining.


Feeling in need of something cute and adorable or travelling with a child, visit the Wild Life habitat at the Mirage.  Exotic animals and dolphin shows in a garden setting right in the backyard of this hotel!


stratosphere las vegas


Hungry yet LOL? Let’s review some of the most hype eateries that offer mouthwatering dishes and the ones you need to visit...


Where to eat:

    1. One of the most desired restaurants is Eiffel Tower at Paris. Reservation alert: you MUST book it before going there. Do it here. However, be prepared to break a budget at this place. Exquisite dishes and exquisite price tag! We went there right after our wedding 7 years ago and we made it a tradition to go there every time we visit and relive the memories! While you are sitting by the window you can look at the Strip and even enjoy the Bellagio fountain show! Make it romantic and memorable! Money is a only a thing after all. Comes and goes! Memories stay!

            Us in 2010:


las vegas casinos wiki


Did we change much? 2017:


vegas hotels deals


If you are craving something special and want a presentation, a must visit is Sushi Samba at the Palazzo. This boisterous fusion offers tastes from Peruvian, Brazilian and Japanese cuisines in a clublike setting. You will not be disappointed. Everything here from an appetizer to a dessert has a stylish touch and splendid taste. Check it out - Cheesecake for ya! Yes, glass is edible. This restaurant has international locations, so you cannot be in Vegas and not try it!


best las vegas hotels


Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse in the heart of Paris hotel will fill you up with the most flavorful and generous steaks! However, I am not big red meat fan, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found a seafood plate on the menu. Yummy?


compare las vegas hotels


Portions are big, so you might want to share one meal and an appetizer. Book a table in advance though, this place is highly in demand during dinner hours.


Since I love to explore menus from around the world, I decided to give you a quick rundown guide on the various cuisines in Vegas, so that you have it handy when you are in the mood for some dim sum, sushi or… eggs benedict!

     - Momofuku at the Cosmopolitan hotel will satisfy the most picky eater when it comes to asian gourmet dishes with a presentation twist!


things to do in las vegas with kids


     - Breakfast cravings are satisfied at Eggslut, a stylish egg-centric spot at the Cosmopolitan serving classic & signature sandwiches, plus dessert & coffee.


best hotels in vegas on the strip


 Keep in mind that this place has out of ordinary hours! This especially applies to those of us who LOVE to have breakfast early in am, I mean like early early on - 1am - hell yeah!


las vegas casino reviews


     - Italian anyone? Or how about the best Italian Sunday brunch on a stylish terrace while you are enjoying the Bellagio fountains? The Lago gives you one of the best Italian experience available at Bellagio. Reservations are highly recommended!


vegas hotels deals


     - If you want a breath of fresh air and get your pick in the garden, time to visit Harvest at Bellagio, your market-inspired eatery that delivers freshness from the farm to the table. Directly.


las vegas hotels map


     - Okay, that sweet and sour Cantonese cuisine you are craving? Experience elevated chinese dining with the lakeside view at Jasmine at Bellagio. The menu here will exceed your expectations by far! Authentic dishes paired with replicated Chinese art create a transcendent dining experience that will arouse all senses.


las vegas hotels on the strip


     - Asian inspired cuisine does not run out in Vegas! Japanese menu with a sophisticated touch is available at Yellowtail at Bellagio...Again... Enjoy oysters, raw seafood and all kinds of rolls with a creative touch!


things to do in las vegas this weekend


     - Happen to crave Thai? Rest assured, Vegas has some of the tastiest options here for it also! What could be a better name… Lemongrass at Aria. Enjoy creative and artsy takes on Thai fare in a sleek setting inspired by silk installations as you are going on a culinary journey through Thailand.


las vegas attractions for couples


     - Sekushi gives you one of a few places on the Strip that serves large Sake menu with small plates and dim sum menu in an open setting. It is right in the middle of Paris hotel, casino section, and closes past midnight (for those of you, night munchkins!) I would not say that this is the best dim-sum, but at least this option is here!

     - Lastly, the one to recommend would be Sage, a delicate restaurant offering farm-to-table menus, plus handcrafted cocktails, served in a modern Aria space with a night lounge option!


things to do in las vegas at night


You are probably completely full after the culinary tour I gave you through Vegas. Tired? Excited? Ready to hit the dancefloor?? Not yet, hold up! How about hitting a bar and having a lifetime experience to keep your senses cool?


things to do in las vegas during the day


Absolute must-visit is Minus 5 Ice Lounge at the Mandalay Bay. There is also another one at the Venetian, if you happen to be closer that way. Try exquisite cocktails and chill with over 90 tons of ice while exploring a winter wonderland filled with amazing, interactive ice sculptures. Take photos, cuddle (as you will get cold) and enjoy wearing fur coats and fur hats!


things to do in las vegas at night


Anyway, it is time to get to the end of my “little” Vegas story. Anytime you choose to visit Vegas, i can assure you that it will be memorable and you will have a blast!!! Decorations and the city vibe will not leave you indifferent!


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Not in my case. We got married in Vegas and our life adventures continue every day.


las vegas attractions for couples


Who else got married in Vegas??? Share your story!

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Travelling is always fun whether it’s going home for holidays or taking a much needed me-time vacation but what makes it daunting is PACKING. What makes it tough is packing everything tight and just right: clothes not to wrinkle, perfume bottles not to break, items not to fly in the suitcase when you are flying LOL Hey, and don’t forget that luggage tag in case it gets lost -  you will need it!


I’ve put together these simple packing tips for you to make travelling less stressful:











What to pack and where to start? Is this the question that pops up in your head when you are planning a trip? Whether it’s your first trip or you’re a seasoned traveller, it’s always helpful to know what items to bring.


backpack travel bag


So just bookmark this travel packing guide and refer to it whenever you plan a trip.


     1. MAIN LUGGAGE: whenever you are planning a trip make sure that you choose a luggage that’s versatile, light weighted and holds all your essentials. Here is a tip: buy a luggage set that can be easily stowed by placing smaller suitcases into a big one and thus save space in your hotel room!


designer luggage sets


     2. ORGANIZE BEFORE PACKING: if you have planned a lot of activities for the trip, then definitely think of the gear that will be required. And organizing everything will be really challenging. But hold on, this is one thing to think about - if your trip contains multiple destinations and you know what clothes/gear you will be needing in destination A vs destination B, then pack accordingly! Also, it really helps to start writing a list of items to bring ahead of time and keep it handy when packing so that you do not miss anything. As you pack scratch items off the list. Better even share your packing list with your travelling partner in Wunderlist app and ask him to write the items he wants to bring along!


     3. START YOUR PACKING WITH THE BASICS: pack smart and do not over-pack. Choose versatile clothing that can be used in different scenarios. Try to include clothes that can be worn on your daily adventures and then dressed up slightly with a different pair of shoes or a scarf. Do not forget a hat if you are heading in a sunny destination!

Another tip: even if you are heading to a hot vacation spot, floors in hotels may be dirty and/or cold (think marble floors) so pack a pair of slippers you can wear inside.


travel essentials checklist


     4. PACK YOUR TOILETRIES: always keep your toiletries and makeup in a see-through pouch. It will not only keep things confined in case of a leak, but you'll be able to see everything in one place, without digging up your suitcase. Pack gender friendly items: liked decide on a toothpaste that both of you can use, choose a sunblock lotion that both of you can utilize. It will save space!


     5. PACK YOUR CARRY-ON BAG: The next thing to do is to fill your carry-on bag with anything you will be needing during the flight and at the airport. If you’ll be traveling around to multiple destinations, make sure this bag has items to keep you comfortable and cozy on any train, boat or bus rides. Pack a laptop or an ipad, travel pillow, eye mask, blanket, socks to wear on the plane, motion sickness pills, book or magazine, travel guide or map etc. But remember, you’ll be carrying all of this, so keep it light. If you are trying to map out a city guide, this would be a perfect opportunity to plan the route across the city!


best carry on backpack


     6. TRAVEL HEALTH KIT: Put together a travel health kit - it is a must during a trip. It shall contain all the emergency medicines, some bandages, allergies remedy, etc. While I am on this note, please check this website to see any alerts on vaccines you need when travelling to your particular destination country. It gets updated regularly by government. Check your medications to ensure all of them are filled and do not expire soon. If needed, schedule a visit to your doctor to get a refill on a medication on time.


     7. KEEP YOUR IMPORTANT TRAVEL DOCUMENTS, CASH, CREDIT CARDS:  Collect all of your important documents in a travel document organizer. It should hold your passport, ID, credit cards, documents, a boarding pass, and a pen!) By keeping all important information together, you have everything handy within a hand’s reach.


travel essentials carry on


     8. PACK A LAUNDRY BAG: Laundry service at the hotel can get expensive. So it is ok if you have to do laundry when you return home. Pack a large plastic bag for your soiled laundry so that you can keep dirty items isolated from the rest of the luggage in the suitcase.


     9. PUT YOUR WALLET ON A DIET: sounds funny..but it is practical. Go through your wallet and remove all of the membership cards, discount coupons you do not need on a trip. If you are going overseas, remove the heavy coins from the wallet - you will not use American change there anyway! If you have a smaller wallet, better take this one and just have one or two credit cards, driver’s license and some cash.


     10. GOT SNACKS?: lastly, pack a few snacks to quench your hunger quickly just in case you don’t have something nearby. It could be a protein bar, nuts, cranberries, etc. Something light and easy that has carbs.


Wherever you are heading for a trip, just make sure you think through your list of activities beforehand so that you’re able to bring everything you need and choose the right luggage. I tend to plan the entire itinerary in advance and even do a quick search online for the reputable and authentic places to eat at. When you are at a new country and want to explore, you will not have time to search internet for a good place - you want to take photos and enjoy yourself. Packing light always helps with mobility.Travelling changes may come up instantly and you will be ready to adjust to them quickly with a lighter and smarter luggage.


printable travel packing list


So the next time you travel, try being light and savvy and you’ll be surprised how little you really need.


Was this helpful, guys? Share your stories of overpacking and share tips for light packing as well!


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