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What’s so HOT about HIIT?


With our busy, hectic schedule it becomes incredibly difficult to catch up with the gym hours. But thanks to the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)... a great WORKOUT that you can do when you are lacking time. Who won’t love a session that lasts less than 60 minutes? I am sure everyone would…


HIIT speaks for itself -  it is a workout that involves various high intensity intervals: cardio bursts mixed with muscle toning exercises. Such training raises your metabolism and burns tons of calories in a very short span of time. The workout usually includes cardio drills backed by quick, intense repetition of strength exercises and then a short cool down period or low intensity exercise period. It isn’t just convenient for those lacking time, but has proved to be one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise that you do.


It doesn’t just end here - I have a wide variety of other benefits might surprise you! I have identified main 6 benefits - let’s RECAP them:


1. Heard of something that burns fat even when you stop training?


Yes guys, that’s true this becomes a major reason why HIIT is so popular (it became one of the most popular workouts in the world in 2017), you burn fat even when you finished your training. This is because of the Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption(EPOC) Let me explain you...once you are done with a HIIT workout your oxygen consumption rises in a way that you burn fat 9x faster. Not just this, the workout drill boost your metabolism, burning 50% more fat than a usual steady-state cardio workout. WHAT?? So basically you keep burning fat for 48 hours after just 1 short HIIT workout….


best hiit workout for men


2. Looking for something that helps you build muscles and get toned?


So here comes another amazing benefit...HIIT lets you dip into two world: the word of fats and carbs during just 1 workout. Here is how:
- During the actual strength toning workout human’s body is turning to carbs as #1 source of energy and endurance demand
During the short cardio interval you start using body’s fat supply - heart rate goes significantly up
- After the workout is finished you get to burn fat cells for 48 hours in a row!!!
So instead of getting 2 various trainings (cardio and muscle strength/muscle workout), you can nail it all at once through a much shorter HIIT session. How does this sound?


full body hiit workout without weights


3. Workouts without equipment!


Sounds insane, right? But it is possible to train your body without equipment and get amazing results!  Look, the first thing that catches up your attention when you are at the gym it’s those bulty training machines and devices, which, a lot of times, you do not know how to use and what muscle groups they actually activate. Well, here you have something that relies on your body weight alone. There is a variety of HIIT workouts, but there are quite a few HIIT workouts simply consisting of cardio drills and body weight sprints. So all that’s needed for this workout is just a bit of space and YOU! Choose your HIIT option and make some space!


high intensity interval training cardio


4. Can a workout prevent aging and make you live longer?


Researches done by Mayo Clinic suggest that HIIT helps bring down the signs of cellular aging. It improves protein production and its synthesis in human body that ultimately helps fight against aging. It also combats muscle atrophy that happens with age. A lot of exercises in HIIT use plyometrics which improves your balance skill. Yes, believe it or not, balance is a skill that we can improve through certain exercises! So it is important to work on your balance that we lose with age.


high intensity interval training workouts at home


5. Improves blood circulations and fights diabetes symptoms.


HIIT helps manage your glucose levels better than the normal steady-state workouts. It even helps with blood flow and blood vessel dilation. People who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes may significantly benefit from the improved blood flow after the HIIT workout.


6. Workout that expands your limits !


I know pushing yourself might be tough. But, I personally feel that genuine pleasure when I push my limits and cross that finish line. HIIT workouts are intense, insane and FUN..with every session you push yourself OVER your physical limits to become stronger, healthier and FIT. I feel so passionate about HIIT! So I created my way of HIITting the gym and gaining the most of my workout! It is called Get.Reinvented program! Since these workouts are never the same and never dull, you end up getting HOOKED on working out with me and wanting MORE!


These promising benefits of HIIT is what makes it one of the hottest workouts that urges you to start it right away… So get STARTED TODAY and experience the INSANE RESULTS!


most effective hiit workouts

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