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Finally the program that will get you to your goals

Join Katia KITA to get fit, healthy and more confident. High intensity total body workouts, well-balanced nutrition plan with over 45 delicious and healthy recipes, all developed to help you reach your fitness goals!

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Are you ready to meet the new confident and sexy you?! Get ready to transform your body and live a new lifestyle! Get.Reinvented is the only total body fitness program you will need for the next 30 days. You will transform your body, you will learn to eat healthy, you will lose weight, and get in the best shape EVER! No more boring diets, useless workouts, and disappointments! Let me guide you through this transformation and hold your hand to the finish line!










Total body workouts











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The only online fitness program that allows you to sustain the results!


hiit workouts with Katia KITA

40- minute HIIT workouts include warm up, main section, abs and cooldown. All fitness levels welcome!

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healthy nutrition plan

over 45 nutrient-dense recipes, including delicious smoothies... Bonus: Snacks and healthy take-out options included.

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Support group

get reinvented lifestyle and community

Exclusive support group where hundreds of men and women are reinventing their bodies and lives through Katia’s close guidance!

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Reinvention stories

Guys, I recommend this program! Katia! You are the best trainer! I love that I have a clear plan in the gym. I love the flexibility of it. I can do all of my workouts at home too which is huge for me (I do them when my daughter is napping). I love pushing myself and seeing what my body is capable of. You literally bring the personal trainer element into my living room every day and I find that so motivating! Transformation! Katia has a delicious and healthy diet! Being a part of the fitness program for 30 days I feel so much stronger? and love your workouts! You are a true inspiration, with your professional style and your positive coaching! Training has now become a normal part of my day that I actually look forward to! You are awesome and inspiring. Thanks so much for all the work you do, all those carefully created videos you post. You are really helping people! ✅From a happy client! ?


Thank you Katia for the such a great program. I lost 5 pounds and got a lot of energy after working with you for 30 days. You are the best!


Thanks again Katia for the opportunity to join your program. It was amazing month full of energy and motivation. Each training was unique so I didn't get bored. Even though it was challenging and sometimes hard for me, I never had muscle soreness - all because of the balanced workout. It was the first weight training in my life. And I love it because of you, Katia.


I was one of the participants to do online workouts with Katia during two weeks in September. It helped me lost a little bit my weight. I would like to improve my results. So I am here))) I liked Katia's 30 days training. After participating in the program, I feel better, stronger, have more energy and confidence. I am proud of myself because of the the fact that I managed to stick with the trial program. Katia is a pleasant and competent coach, gives effective training with excellent result. She shows how to properly perform each exercise. For many of difficult exercises she suggests easier modified versions. My level is not advanced, so modified versions really helped me not to give up this program. I would like to thank Katia and her team for their good work and wish them prosperity.


I’m done and I survived. It was a challenging program with a diversity of exercises and a meal plan. Katia does a great job explaining each move and for those who are just starting out she shows modifications that you can do to make it a little easier for yourself. On the other hand, if you are more advanced she has modifications for that also. In total the workout is about 40 minutes long and consists of a warm up, cool down, and 5 circuits. All the circuits are cross functional exercises while you are burning calories. Katia does a great job of keeping me motivated because I'm not the one who willingly works out and eats healthy food. I was surprised with my results because it is very difficult to me to lose even one pound. I lost several! This is a challenging program, but if you stick with it and don't give up I am sure you will be able to see great results!


In the beginning, I really just didn't believe in the program. It seemed as if it was too much in a little amount of time. I decided to start the program anyways, because it was very interesting to try something new. When first starting, the exercises were seemingly difficult, especially with two regional abdominal surgeries within seven months of the workouts. Within one week, I began to see improvements and results on my body. Katia's energy pushed me to complete more and more of the workout, even though, at times I felt like I couldn't do any more. The salubrious food recipes of this program are great. You always have many choices to choose from. You never feel hungry, even with a big appetite. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends, family, and others who want to get in great shape, feel better, and stay healthy. Thank you Katia and your team members for an amazing program.


First I want to thank my dear friend Nika for talking me to join the trials ! Also huge thanks to Katia KITA and getreinvented team to make my dream come true! I lost total 10 pounds in 30 days ! I know I could do even more but I didn’t want to lose too fast. I did trainings every day (except 2 days I couldn’t make it). And I was so hooked up that even one day without training didn’t feel right to me anymore! Katia did great job on creating such a dynamic and fun trainings ? many times I couldn’t keep up with the speed but I did sweat even with moderate exercises. After awhile I saw my body started to change, I felt boost of energy, better mood and body strength and that’s what truly started motivating me! I never got bored and had fun training every day, it became one of my favorite routine of the day! Diet: the diet program is very well balanced and not challenging at all. I didn't feel hungry and felt very well during the trials. The recipes are simple yet nutritious and the most important tasty! We ate with all family ! I did some moderation to it as I had to consider little kids diet too. But I tried completely eliminate sugar and white bread. My conclusion: after a several years of struggle with loosing weight I finally did it! My dream come true! Of course it’s more to lose but I am super happy with the results so far and don’t want to stop training as it makes me better every day!!!


Hi there! I'm so excited that I finaly started some sport activities. I always wanted but always there were some excuses ?. Ok... I did it and I like it! I know that the sport is a key to achieve other goals. I'm so proud of myself. The hardest thing for me is to start. Thank you Katia Kita! The program is awesome! There are some modifications, so even a beginner like me can do it from the start ... I was afraid that I couldn't do it, but I did because of you, Katia, and your support! I used recipes as well. They are so delicious and easy to make. Get.Reinvented program went by so fast and I am alive! The main thing is that I am hooked now and want more! Usually I feel pretty exhausted after any exercises I have tried and it was impossible for me to push myself to train further. Here though, right after the first training I wanted to continue. And I was so looking forward to the next day. I felt some soreness in my muscles, but it was not painful, in contrary, it was rather pleasant – it seemed that my body was simply asking for more. Usually things are opposite for me – either I pushed myself without any desire to continue or I would feel nauseous after the first time working out that I would always quit and stop exercising. My only option was a treadmill or cycling at the gym. Thank you, Katia, for making me happier, healthier and FIT!

total body workouts with Katia KITA